University Programme

IPMC College of Technology

Education is the foundation on which the huge building of Industry stands tall. Keeping this philosophy in mind, IPMC has been as much a pioneer in Education as much it has catered its clients providing them Business Solutions, since its inception in 1992.

Since then we have honed and trained several young minds who have been successfully absorbed by the industry across various domains in the IT sector. Our well-curated courses, equipped laboratories and highly qualified faculty have together given us the honor of being considered the best Technology College in Ghana.

An Undergrad Course or a Bachelor’s Degree, lays the required & right foundation for a student’s future professional life. Our Degree Courses are a balanced combination of theoretical information and practical knowledge that make our students top IT professionals in the industry. The updated curriculum, laboratory and AV experiences and assessments make our courses the most in demand in Ghana. We offer the following undergrad programmes:

University Programme

1 Year

With three decades of expertise in training and education, IPMC Training now aims to promote UK Degree. With three decades of expertise in training and education[...]